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The 4th Annual Flejcon is on February 10th, 2019, from 9 AM to 2:30 PM at MLK Student Union, Pauley Ballroom.

 How much do you know about filing your taxes, budgeting, salary negotiation, or personal finance? Invest in your future by attending Flejcon, a FREE conference for everyone. There will be FREE breakfast and lunch! Registration is first come first serve, so click here to register on Eventbrite now!

The Financial Literacy and Economic Justice Conference is an annual, student-organized event drawing together faculty, administrative offices, community partners and student leaders in facilitating workshops on financial literacy and economic justice to the greater student body. Workshop topics include filing taxes, planning personal budget, saving for retirement, and more. 

Financial stress is a pervasive socioeconomic and health problem at UC Berkeley that is set to grow in the years ahead. In the 2014 Undergraduate Experience Survey administered at UC Berkeley, 67% of students were concerned about paying for their undergraduate education, 47% of students have skipped meals, and 88% of students have cut down on personal/recreation spending. The goal of this conference is to empower individuals to improve the welfare and future of themselves and their communities. The conference aims to provide financial literacy training and knowledge of economic disparities for individuals where, currently, there are very few opportunities to develop financial literacy skills and knowledge.