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Executive Director

Monica is currently a senior majoring in Economics and she runs the show at Flejcon! Monica has been involved with Flejcon for a while and “[she] loves that this organization teaches on a systematically under-taught subject that every single person needs. It's such a useful conference, especially for college students.” And we couldn’t agree more!



Finance Director

Kathy is a sophomore, currently pursuing a dual major in Business and Data Science. She loves how Flejcon fosters an inclusive environment by opening the conference to all and targeting marginalized populations. “Flejcon serves the community’s needs by providing access to resources and developing crucial life skills; its ideals appeal to me because I have a passion for economic justice,” she answered when we asked her what the best thing about Flejcon was!




Outreach Co-Director

Casey is the second VP for Outreach, and currently a sophomore! She loves the interpersonal aspect of Flejcon. In her own words, “there's definitely something to appreciate about the extended scope of digital financial literacy resources, but a big part of me adores the analog way of witnessing people and their enthusiasm in person.” Casey actively supports Flejcon’s message and loves working with her committee members to improve Outreach!





Marketing Director

Lucy is currently a senior studying computer science. She joined Flejcon in her junior year after cycling through a ton of business clubs and feeling really worn out, and chose to stay because she loves our tight knit group and what the conference stands for! “It truly is one-of-a-kind at Berkeley, and it’s soooo satisfying to create a conference so large and impactful from beginning to end. By helping to plan this conference I've become more comfortable as a leader and learned about event planning, personal finance, and even understood more about my personal values. Come along and join me for the ride, it's a lot of fun!”




Operations Director

Ada is also a senior and an Economics major! She loves Flejcon because it provides students with an opportunity to develop financial literacy skills on campus. She says, “having the proper knowledge empowers people to make responsible decisions so that they can provide for themselves, their family, and their future.” And Flejcon provides the platform to make that knowledge accessible.




Outreach Co-Director

The third senior on our board is Julie, and she’s an Environmental Economics and Policy major. Through Outreach, she has been able to make connections to speakers who really strive towards Flejcon's own goals - to empower students and the wider community through financial literacy and economic injustice awareness. She believes “Flejcon really does require team effort, so it is truly heartwarming to see everyone's hard work come into fruition on conference day.” And the spontaneous bonding moments we have leading up to the conference are an added bonus!




Marketing Director

Guneesha is also a current sophomore, pursuing a dual major in Economics and Business. She believes Flejcon’s mission is one of the most unique causes on campus and feels drawn to the community our club creates. Her marketing campaign reflects her opinion of Flejcon: “I think this conference provides an ideal platform for passionate and talented students to come together and work towards a genuinely meaningful objective.”