Martha Olney Teaching Professor in
UC Berkeley's Economics Department and Chair of the
Department's Undergraduate Committee

Terrance Odean - Professor of Finance at the
Haas School of Business and Chair of
the Rudd Family Foundation

Claudia Villicaña - Financial Wellness and
Outreach Manager in the Berkeley Financial Aid and
Scholarships Office

Pat Constantine - Executive Director of the San
Antonio Community Center (SACDC)

Steve Constantine - Tax Consultant

Eileen Loustau - Personal Finance Advocate

Pamela Capalad & Dyalekt - Brunch & Budget

                                                  Jeff Noven - Executive Director of the                                                   Berkeley Student Food Collective

Timothy Yu & Susie Kim - Pluto Money Co-Founders

                                Moni T. Law - Cal alum, Class of 1982, USF Law School (J.D. 1986),                               Community Services Specialist for the City's Rent Stabilization Board