*This list of workshops is from last year. We’ll be updating it with the details for our next conference soon!

FLEJCON 2018 Workshops 


Claudia Villicaña - Navigating Financial Aid & Student Loans

From applying to financial aid to student loan repayment, this workshop aims to give an in-depth explanation of the most common financial aid terms and to demystify student loans. Students can expect to leave with an understanding of the financial aid process at UC Berkeley and the details of borrowing and managing student loans.

Pat Constantine & Steve Constantine - Tax Filing 101


Do I need to file a tax return? What’s a dependent? Do I file my scholarship on my taxes? What kind of credits can students and their families take advantage of? What are some resources in the Bay Area that I can take advantage of? Come to this workshop to learn all this and more. Come for our presentation on income tax provisions, and stay to ask our workshop
presenters questions!

International students in F-1 and J-1 visa status may have special considerations. Please seek advice from the Berkeley International Office for more information.


Eileen Loustau - Investing for Retirement

Starting a new job post-graduation can be exciting, but now you have to decide
what to do with your hard-earned money. Should you participate in your
employer’s 401k program, open a Roth IRA, or start investing in a brokerage
account? This workshop will provide you with more background on how to take
those first steps into investing and familiarize you with selecting investments
within a 401k.

Pamela Capalad & Dyalekt - Everything Credit: Scores, Loans, Cards


Having a good credit score gives you options for how to make the most of your financial life, but building and maintaining it can be tricky. There is a ton of data that goes into your credit score, from the moment you take out your first line of
credit (hello credit cards, students loans, auto loans, etc.). In this workshop, we will cover how to decipher your credit report, what “good credit” looks like, how to choose the right credit card for you and more.


Jeff Noven - Food Security

Never choose between a healthy meal and your budget again. This workshop will provide some insight on ways that students can address food insecurity at the personal level. There will also be a discussion on UC Berkeley's food ecosystem and ways to advocate for more resources on campus.

Timothy Yu & Susie Kim - Bradley - Entrepreneurship With Pluto Money


Join an intimate chat with Pluto Money co-founders, Tim Yu and Susie Kim. Designed as a personal finance app for the Snapchat generation, Pluto Money is an iOS program that makes budgeting easy and interactive. It was also named one of the “Best Personal Finance Software for Taming Your Budget in 2018” by PTMoney. In addition to hearing about their entrepreneurial origins in the UCLA startup space, learn about how they leveraged behavioral science to ease student money management and how gamification via fintech can play a role in future of financial literacy education.

Pamela Capalad & Dyalekt - Salary Negotiations & Employee Benefits 


You have two job offers in front of you and one is for $10,000 more. No brainer, right? Except the firm with a lower salary offer matches your 401k, pays for 100% of your insurance premiums, has disability coverage, a generous sick leave policy, and pre-tax transit benefits. What’s all that worth? In this workshop we will cover how to value your benefits package when you receive a job offer, how to understand your 401k retirement options and benefits, how to tell if you are being offered good health insurance and other perks to look out for.

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Moni T. Law - Renter's Rights

Whether you're moving out of the dorms or extending your lease, knowing
your renter's rights is crucial. Moni Law, from the Berkeley Rent
Stabilization Board will be speaking on the relevant challenges that students
face while maintaining and managing the financial stress of rent. In addition,
Moni will be providing essential information that every student renter
should know. The main takeaway from this workshop will be a more
concrete understanding of the rental process.